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We are the artists, the creators and dreamers.
We write songs, tag walls, pen poems, grow plants and people.
We let the creative spirit guide us.
We believe in the power of community and place heart over profits.
We lead with soul on our mission to build what has never existed.
We are Artsy.


Artsy is a Denver based cannabis company that is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a socially conscious company. Led by industy pioneers and a dedicated team, Artsy invests and supports the art community in all of its operating locations.

Artsy’s mission is to incubate a global community of creative, kind and empathetic givers that improve the communities they live in. Arsty brings this mission to life by:

Producing the highest quality cannabis – Artsy combines best in class grow and plant optimization with a brand identity that shadows all in the industry. Artsy’s product is more than cannabis, it is an experience, a feeling and a community!

Investing in local charities and organizations - Doing good while doing well is the base for our existence. We believe in supporting local non profit organizations that impact communities aligned with our mission.

Incubating artists and projecting their voice to the world - From singers and songwriters to graffiti artists and poets we believe that creative spirit deserves exposure to the masses. At Artsy we discover, incubate, invest and promote art to the world.